NFL Owners vs. NFL Players 2011: The Owners Will Win

The confetti air-drop in Dallas at Super Bowl XLV was merely prelude to the real NFL paper war. And it’s a war the owners cannot lose. They never could.

Union reps, league spokespersons and media will prattle on about fairness and revenues. The NFLPA may be right that the owners could share a bit more of the loot and still enjoy lots of profit and no lag to their rising franchise valuations. Both the NFLPA and the NFL should own up to their shameful treatment of retirees and to the unavoidable long term injuries that result from their violent but pleasing game. Yet as long as the NFL enjoys anti-trust protections, they really are the only game in town and whether the players believe or not, the league can do well — quite well — without them.

Why am I so sure?

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