The Best 9/11 Book…Ever

I am really proud of this book.

I don’t say it’s “the best ever” because I wrote it, or because hyperbolic subject lines make people open emails. I say it because I believe it. This book is important. It says things that need to be said; things, I think, that will help a lot of people.  Michael is brave to tell it.  I am fortunate to simply be included.  But I can do more. I can ask you to read it, ask your friends to read it, ask your mayors, your congressman, and your clergy to read it.  Because on September 11, 2011 it’ll be 10 years since the attack, and you can be sure there will be articles and interviews and video tape and, well, then there’s this book. Please read it.  Then you tell me – please tell me – where do we go from here?

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