Praise for 52 Weeks

Praise for 52 WEEKS: Interviews With Champions!

“Dave Hollander doesn’t just interview sports figures. He has conversations with them that are so natural, you feel as if you are sitting around a kitchen table, talking sports and life with some of the most intriguing people. With his smart, and sometimes irreverent approach, Dave offers the thinking athlete room to think.”

—Selena Roberts, The New York Times

“Dave Hollander’s 52 Weeks is a one of a kind – fifty two interviews that will evoke an OOOH and AAAHH from every sports fan-an insightful, feel good book”

—Bill Bradley

“Dave [Hollander] has the unique ability to make even the most cliché-ridden interview a must-read…No matter if he’s speaking with Lawrence Taylor about his favorite New Jersey diner or discussing how the Sistine Chapel compares with a now-forgotten mural of Dwight Gooden, Dave is able to paint a portrait of these athletic legends that is far more robust and life-like than anything they accomplished on the field of play.”

—Paul Forrester,

“A home run! Dave Hollander can touch ‘em all … An incredibly fun must-read.”

—Steve Somers, WFAN Radio

“Dave Hollander is clearly out of his mind. … [He] makes you cringe as he asks the question that you would like to hear the answer to but wouldn’t have the courage—or lack of common sense—to ask yourself… Fascinating”

New York Press

“Stylistic interviews from a well-traveled sports journalis … cool and free-wheeling”

Orlando Sentinel

“[Dave Hollander] is super-foxy and extra-funny”


“Dave Hollander drops Rilke, Lysistrata, and the Chinese Zodiac into a sports interview as seamlessly as questions about the lack of fundamentals in the NBA, the designated hitter, or the NFL salary cap. A rip-roaring read, full of laugh-out-loud moments.”

Penthouse Magazine

“[Dave] Hollander is a hoot! 52 Weeks gives you the good, the bad and the ugly.  Mix ‘em all together and you got yourself one helluva fun book. I loved it!”

—Bum Phillips

“Dave Hollander came up with the novel idea of interviewing 52 prominent athletes, one a week … and got them all to tell him things they might not have told anyone else. The idea works.”

Newark Star-Ledger

“Who wants to hear another athlete or coach say they’re ‘taking it one game at a time,’ or they’re going ‘to give 110 percent’?  Not Hollander… ask[ing] the questions that we’d all like to ask… A fascinating array of heroes reflecting on the games they played.”


“Dave Hollander gets my respect—a great writer who understands the game of basketball and the game of life very, very well.”

—Micheal “Sugar” Ray Richardson

“Dave Hollander is the Yasha Heifitz of sports interviewers.  His queries often roust his unsuspecting subjects from the sleepy haze of publicist-induced slumber, and he never lets them hit the snooze button.”

New York Sports Express

“without cliched sentimentality, are bereft, too, of the tired ‘business’ side of the sports world”

— Columbus Dispatch

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