Praise for Reluctant Hero

Praise for Reluctant Hero

“[F]ast-paced, moving …Benfante and journalist Hollander present an appealing story of personal and national trauma and the difficulty for the individual, and the nation, of moving forward. … [T]his is recommended reading.”

—Library Journal Review

“[B]rave journey is told in riveting detail.”

People Magazine

“This memoir describes Benfante’s unshakable belief that there are reservoirs of kindness waiting to be tapped.”

—Maggie Galehouse, Houston Chronicle

“The gripping you-are-there read in this trio is Benfante’s account of how he, with the help of a colleague, carried a wheelchair-bound woman down 68 floors on 9/11 and promptly found himself lionized by the media even as he began to come undone inside.”

Elle Magazine, October 2011

“Benfante’s memoir, ‘Reluctant Hero,’ is a humbling and courageous one, detailing the struggle of an ordinary man who was forced to find strength he had only read about in books.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune

“[I]n ‘Reluctant Hero,’ Benfante is telling his own narrative, and it is one that is intimate, conflicted and astonishingly honest. Join Benfante, as he retells his own experience in the World Trade Center, and how he has been searching for meaning and answers in the post 9/11 world, much like the rest of humanity.”

—Nicholas Lim, Metro New York

“Benfante, catapulted to hero status after he was photographed carrying a wheelchair-bound woman down 68 floors and out of the World Trade Center, tells his post-9/11 tale of emotional and economic hardships and the seering guilt of a survivor.”

The Washington Post

“Michael Benfante played a crucial role during the terrible attacks of 9/11, and his account of the mass exodus from the Twin Towers will endure as a riveting testimony to the courage and terror of that day.”

—Sebastian Junger, Bestselling author of The Perfect Storm and War

“It takes extraordinary courage to think about other people instead of yourself, because obviously you can move a lot faster if you’re not carrying somebody else’s wheelchair. But you did it anyway.”

—Oprah Winfrey

“To risk your life for a total stranger in need is not only courageous, but divine.”

—Jim Carrey, “America: A Tribute to Heroes” Telethon

“An amazing story of heroism.”

—Charles Gibson, Former host of “Good Morning America”

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