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Not Where “Amazing” Happened, But Better

So, I went to the Prudential Center in Newark to see the Nets play the Golden State Warriors last night. I think it was as nice of a live professional sports experience as I’ve been to in years. Please don’t stop … Continue reading

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NFL Owners vs. NFL Players 2011: The Owners Will Win

The confetti air-drop in Dallas at Super Bowl XLV was merely prelude to the real NFL paper war. And it’s a war the owners cannot lose. They never could. Union reps, league spokespersons and media will prattle on about fairness … Continue reading

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So What Exactly Is a “Golf Lesbian?”

My wife and I were showing a single lesbian friend of ours around the neighborhood. She just moved here. We pointed to one local drinking establishment that we heard had become a hangout for a lot of gay women. We … Continue reading

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Vintage New York Jets

Sonny Werblin understood the value of star quality in sports long before the rest of his pro football brethren. In 1965, when Werblin, President and part-owner of the formerly New York Titans re-named New York Jets spent a then record-breaking … Continue reading

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Dara Torres on the Case of Shirley Babashoff: “It Sucks”

To me, Dara Torres represents everything that sports should be. She’s competitive, dignified, tough, smart, independent, clean, and innovative. She’s puts herself out as a role model but not as a corporate prop, or a brand, or a reality show, … Continue reading

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